Sand Dreams™ Press is pleased to announce the publication of its second book entitled
“With & Without.”

This book is a collection of lyrics, prose, stories, and songs written by author, Imre Vitez, and is collected in themes such as elements of nature, seasons of the year, rock n’ roll, running, and driving. The passages are reflections culled from life experiences of someone who has passion for inquisitive observation and a desire to capture those observations in written word and photographic images.”

Reading this book will enable you to:

● reflect upon your experiences with a friend

● gain a different perspective on familiar topics

● bring a smile, a tear, or a cheer to your day

Through this collection, the author reveals himself as he shares his many life experiences. The selections reflect the author’s curiosity, patience, and passion though prose that transport the reader to a different place, time or situation. Each excerpt is distinct, relatable, and packed with great imagery. If you have a desire to sit back for a few minutes and catch your breath, this book will take you to a time and a place not that long ago, and just down the road.

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Excerpts from “With & Without”

“So now the time has come my friends, so raise your glasses high. The night’s been long, we’re singing our songs, it’s time to part and say goodnight. So before we go, step high on the bar, and put your dancing shoes on. Let your spirit soar, let your souls rise tall, hear the bell ring, my friends, it’s 4AM last call.” From “4AM Last Call” (Read the whole excerpt)

“What greater comfort can you give another than to touch a heart?” – from “To Touch a Heart” (Read the whole excerpt)

“It is almost as if one looked into a window and saw something that you were not intended to see, or peered into a vignette where your eyes did not belong, or peeked into someone else’s treasured dreams. Step back, turn silently, and bow in reference.” – from “Folded Petals” (Read the whole excerpt)

“From upon this stage, I sit here before you, with guitars standing beside me, with drums behind me, with a piano before me, with speakers and lights above me, I will play these songs for you, to perhaps help you find a little something to carry you along the way. For we all deserve a moment in the limelight.” – From “Limelight” (Read the whole excerpt)

“Take your chips and cash out at the casino bank. Take with you whatever it might be that you’ve learned, and pack away the things inside that you have earned. Once the sun rises on the morn, perhaps a brighter day will appear after our  last night in Havana.” From “Last Night in Havana” (Read the whole excerpt)

“So grab my hand, baby let’s take flight, head to the City and see the sights, catch a train to hell or a carriage to heaven, I’m gonna rock your halo.” From “Rock Your Halo” (Read the whole excerpt)


Our Favorite Time Of The Year

“Our Favorite Time of the Year” is the first book Imre Vitez published under the Sand Dreams Press imprint. This children’s picture book of memories is about the magic of a summer vacation at the beach.

Read this enchanting story about one family’s activities while on vacation on Long Beach Island on the New Jersey sea shore.

Page through the photographs captured from their vacation and remember the finer things about a vacation at the shore: picking shells on the beach, chasing sea gulls, flying kites and watching sunsets. These are the things that make summer “our favorite time of the year!”

Soft-Cover Book – $12.95

Hard-Cover Book – $9.95

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About The Author

Imre Vitez was born and raised in New Jersey. After graduating from college, he began his career as a chemist by day, and band manager, roadie, and rock poet by night. In 2008, he published his first book, “Our Favorite Time of the Year.” “With & Without” is his second book and is a collection of prose culled from life experiences of someone who has passion for inquisitive observation and a desire to capture those observations in written word and photographic images.

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